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Major: Business Management
Minor: French, Global Business

" I would say to parents - if you are investing in your child's future, Wisdom of Learning is really a good program for them "

" Wisdom of Learning is a great tool to learn the skills that will help you through college "

" I was less stressed. It helped me focus instead of worry... "


Major: Film and Video Production

" First time I used the meditation techniques on Wisdom of Learning… I was able to, a day later, look back at my project and have a different outlook. "

" Procrastination was definitely my biggest problem in college... with using this program I learned how easy it is to procrastinate and how easy it is to not... "


Masters: Public Health
Preparing for MCAT

" I could definitely tell the difference in my test scores before and after Wisdom of Learning. "

" Wisdom of Learning helped me be more positive for my tests "